Date Sheet and Directions Instructions for End-Term Examination to All Faculties Dec 2021 - Jan 2022
A diverse group of aviation professionals discussing strategies in a classroom setting at Compass Aviation.

Hospitality professionals participate in complaint management training to improve guest experiences and satisfaction. Cabin Crew Curriculum is based on IATA which is recognized by 210 Aviation in 119 countries. Cabin Crew Curriculum is based on IATA which is recognized by 210 Aviation in 119 countries.
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Welcome to Compass Aviation, we are pleased to invite you to study with us.
Our institution offers a wide range of Courses in three different fields: FLIGHT ATTENDENT, GROUND HANDELING AND PILOT TRAINING.
Our teachers are dedicated and passionate. They are well trained and experienced instructors.
We are committed to quality education and our student satisfaction. Our underlying objective is to encourage you to attain your personal best and to develop the self confidence that will give you a competitive edge in your chosen field.
At Compass Aviation we also realize that being a student is more than just study and hard work. We are committed to providing our students with a challenging, rewarding and enjoyable learning environment.
If you see a course that interests you, we hope you will join us to your knowledge and improve your career prospects.

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International Air Hostess Training in Nepal – Compass Aviation

“Addiction is not a choice but it’s a disease “

After Training From Compass Aviation


International Air Hostess Training in Nepal – Compass Aviation

“Addiction is not a choice but it’s a disease “

After Training From Compass Aviation

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Life Skills at Compass Aviasion

Illustration showing aircraft components such as wings, engines, fuselage, control surfaces, tails, and avionics systems.

Compass Aviation’s workshops offer immersive learning experiences, providing hands-on training in aircraft familiarization, emergency procedures, and customer service excellence. Led by industry experts, participants gain practical insights and networking opportunities crucial for career advancement. With a focus on practical sessions and mentorship, these workshops equip individuals with the skills and confidence needed to thrive in the aviation industry.

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Software in Aviation: Advancing Safety, Efficiency, and Passenger Experience

Stay informed with Compass Aviation’s latest news and blogs, offering valuable insights into the aviation industry. From trends shaping the future of air travel to tips for aspiring pilots and cabin crew, our articles cover a wide range of topics. Explore firsthand accounts from industry professionals, stay updated on regulatory changes, and discover career opportunities in aviation. Whether you’re a seasoned aviation enthusiast or just starting your journey, Compass Aviation’s news and blogs are your go-to resource for all things aviation.

International Affairs

Group of students participating in club activities at Compass Aviation.

At Compass Aviation, we understand the importance of staying abreast of international affairs in the aviation industry. Our team closely monitors global developments, regulatory changes, and geopolitical factors that impact air travel. Through our comprehensive analysis and insights, we help aviation professionals navigate complex international landscapes, ensuring compliance with regulations and optimizing operations. From trade agreements to safety protocols, Compass Aviation is your trusted partner for understanding and adapting to international affairs in aviation. Stay informed and stay ahead with Compass Aviation International Affairs.

Student's Voice

Illustration of an air hostess standing in an aircraft cabin, highlighting the importance of meeting height requirements for cabin crew roles.

Bijaya Thapa

I choose compass aviation because it is one of the best aviation.I am very glad to choose this aviation.This aviation makes me strong and more confident to became a cabin crew .I am feeling proud to say I am student of compass is best place for aviation field and personality development.I am blessed to be the part of this institution.This aviation makes our dream comes true to fly in the sky and I sure I will give my best and follow my dream to fly in the sky. That’s why I choose compass aviation

Indira mahato

it’s me indira mahato from Nawalpur Chormara. I have pursuing my cabin crew training from compass aviation international air hostess training college in bharatpur height chitwon. I have choosen this aviation because i think compass aviation is one of the best college in nepal for providing the vocational air hostess training. Being a student of compass aviation i feel very glad to be a part of this air hostess college. I have choosen this aviation because I want travel to different places, get knowledge about unique cultures of every place, meet new people and build positive connections.

Bandhana Nepal

When I was in class 11, I want be a flight attendant because I love travel and a FA travels and travels new place. When I clear the +2 then we got pandemic situation of COVID-19 after a year when everything is normal I joined bachelor but I want to be a cabin crew so that I searched aviation in many social applications and I found it on tiktok. I searched location near in my area . Then I got to know about compass Aviation. Me and my brother visited their to get information about it, and I thought this aviation would be best for my future to reach my dreams, so I choose compass aviation.

Rijja shrestha

I was seeking for the cabin crew college around my area so 1 day I just randomly searched in my instagram cabin crew college and the first name popped was compass aviation so I checked everything and I googled everything and found out it was the first college to open their branch in my area of course I was really excited to know compass Aviation so I called them and and we had some great conversations about the course and everything so coming back why I choose Compass Avaition is the teacher are very friendly at first place they teach us every single detail about the cabin crew how it works , they give us different kind of classes like food and beverage , grooming classes, inflight expirence ,personality development,ditching sessions by very known people or professionals i think this is the best aviation in Nepal and thanks that I’m part of it

priyanka rokka

i choose compass aviation because I feel this would give me opportunity to pursue my dream and encourage me to do my best for my career.I feel it would help me build up my confidence and make me believe in myself that I can give my best to make my dream come true.Teachers nature helped me more to improvw my personal growth.I am very happy to become a part compass family.

Dikshya rijal

I believe in learning and gaining knowledge as a life to experience about flying in an aeroplane as my biggest dream after my graduation.I was always passionate about working in aviation faculty so to achieve my goal ,I join a compass aviation np as following my ambition dream . As per my opinion it’s a best And the environment is incouraging and supportive . So I feel the compass aviation is best college to learn . Thank you