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First Aid Training

Cabin crew member administering first aid to a passenger onboard an airplane.


First Aid training focuses on being able to provide immediate care to sick or injured patients until full medical help is available. Administering First Aid promptly and effectively can make an undeniable contribution to a patient’s recovery. Our First Aid course aims to provide with the necessary knowledge and skills in order to be able to manage onboard medical emergencies in an efficient manner. In our academy, well-experienced airline instructors conduct the first aid course. We offer theoretical and practical knowledge classes to every student so that they can handle these situations smoothly and calmly.

First Aid course:

Our First Aid course is designed to provide comprehensive training in managing onboard medical emergencies. Led by experienced airline instructors, the course covers both theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for handling various medical situations calmly and efficiently. Students learn how to assess and respond to different medical conditions, perform basic medical procedures, and utilize onboard medical equipment effectively.

Through hands-on practice and scenario-based simulations, students develop the confidence and competence to deal with medical emergencies effectively. They learn how to communicate with passengers and medical professionals, prioritize patient care, and maintain composure in high-pressure situations


In our First Aid training, we focus on being ready, thinking fast, and communicating well during medical emergencies on flights. With proper training, cabin crew can help passengers quickly and effectively, making flying safer for everyone. Begin Your Journey as an Air Hostess with Compass Aviation! Apply Now for Admission and Elevate Your Career in Aviation.

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