Date Sheet and Directions Instructions for End-Term Examination to All Faculties Dec 2021 - Jan 2022
A diverse group of aviation professionals discussing strategies in a classroom setting at Compass Aviation.

Co Students

Ritika Rai

Aviation is a field where we have to get knowledge by practical and theoretical both method.when I started to search about the aviation training institute I got a bunch of name list some institute have good facilities,then some have very high experience teachers but when I got to know about the compass aviation it satisfied me,it satisfied me by their experienced,well mannered teachers and the teachers that always teach their students by their strength and motivates them to do their best. At last I just wanted to say that I believe on them that they will support me to take one step closer to my career.

Mamata Poudel

I’ve chosen this particular aviation because I believe that compass aviation is a excellent institute which will help me to enhance my skills and knowledge, help me learn how to deal with different people with different personalities. Moreover, it will provide a stable and secure career for me.
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Sabina Subedi

I choose this particular aviation because i believe that this would be a golden opportunity for me to put wings to my career other than that avaition. It could help me to improve my personal growth, indulge in the unique cultures of every place, meet new people and build connections. As it will provide me excellent developement oppourtunities and a lively and a dynamic working enivironment.