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Illustration of flags representing Kathmandu Aviation's global alliances with Australia, South Africa, and Melbourne for aviation education.


In today’s interconnected world, collaboration with international partners is essential for fostering innovation and excellence in education. Global alliances provide opportunities for knowledge exchange, research collaboration, and cultural enrichment. Let’s delve into how GLOBAL ALLIANCES at Kathmandu Aviation are shaping the future of aviation education.

Partnerships Across Continents:

Situated in Kathmandu, Kathmandu Aviation boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure and a commitment to excellence in aviation education. Through strategic partnerships with renowned institutions worldwide, Kathmandu Aviation has established successful tie-ups with prestigious colleges across the globe.


Parth College of Business And Technology Partnering with Parth College of Business And Technology in Australia, Kathmandu Aviation facilitates academic exchanges, joint research projects, and student mobility programs. This collaboration enhances opportunities for students to gain international exposure and access cutting-edge resources in aviation education.

South Africa:

Kishugu Aviation In collaboration with Kishugu Aviation in South Africa, Kathmandu Aviation promotes knowledge sharing and capacity building in the field of aviation. Through joint training programs and industry partnerships, students benefit from exposure to diverse perspectives and best practices in aviation management and operations.


ST PETER INSTITUTE Partnering with ST PETER INSTITUTE in Melbourne, Kathmandu Aviation fosters collaboration in research and innovation. By leveraging the expertise and resources of ST PETER INSTITUTE, Kathmandu Aviation enhances its academic offerings and contributes to advancements in aviation technology and practices.

Expanding Opportunities for International Students:

Kathmandu Aviation is committed to expanding opportunities for international students through its global alliances. By facilitating multilateral relationships among participants and global higher education stakeholders, Kathmandu Aviation creates a conducive environment for cross-cultural learning and academic excellence.


GLOBAL ALLIANCES at Kathmandu Aviation represent a cornerstone of the institution’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and global engagement in aviation education. Through strategic partnerships with leading institutions worldwide, Kathmandu Aviation aims to enrich the academic experience, expand opportunities for international students, and drive advancements in aviation education and research on a global scale.

Country Name Of Organisation
Australia Parth College of Business And Technology
South Africa Kishugu Aviation

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