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Total Fee and Time (Air Hostess Training)

Explore the fees and duration of Shoolini University's Air Hostess Training Program.
  1. Admission Fee:

    • The admission fee for the Air Hostess Training program is Rs 5000 for local students and $100 for international students.
  2. Full Payment:

    • The total fee for the program is Rs 50,000 for local students and $600 for international students.
  3. Installment Payment:

    • Local Students: The installment payment option is available with a total fee of Rs 55,000, payable in three installments: 40%, 30%, and 30%.
    • International Students: The total fee for international students is $600, payable upon admission.
  4. Program Duration:

    • The Air Hostess Training program has a duration of

      Shoolini University has adopted a continuous education system with two semesters in an academic year.

      Each semester lasts for 16-19 weeks and concludes with an examination. Following the examination, there is a break during which students typically engage in industrial or vocational training and educational tours to fulfill degree requirements.

      The university awards degrees under a course credit system. Each course features a clearly outlined syllabus, detailing the number of credit hours allocated for theory and practical classes. Additionally, postgraduate studies include a research component as part of the curriculum.

      The credit hours are regulated as follows:

      One credit hour of theory is one hour of classroom teaching.
      One credit hour of practical is two/ three hours of teaching in the food and Beverage

      for both local and international students

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