Date Sheet and Directions Instructions for End-Term Examination to All Faculties Dec 2021 - Jan 2022
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Travelling & Tourism

Diverse group of aspiring professionals studying and communicating in English for travel and tourism careers.


In the vibrant and dynamic field of  travel and tourism in nepal, aspiring professionals must meet specific eligibility criteria to embark on a successful career journey. Firstly, candidates are required to have completed their 10+2 education with a minimum aggregate of 45% from a recognized university or board. This educational prerequisite ensures that individuals have acquired a foundational understanding of various subjects, including language, mathematics, and social sciences, which are essential for pursuing higher education and professional development in the field.

Moreover, proficiency in English is paramount for individuals aspiring to enter the travel and tourism sector in nepal. English proficiency is not only essential for effective communication with travelers from diverse cultural backgrounds but also for interpreting and disseminating tourism-related information, such as travel itineraries, destination guides, and safety instructions.

Additionally, students must successfully pass the CMAT (Central Management Admission Test) entrance examination conducted by Tribhuvan University to qualify for admission into travel and tourism programs. The CMAT exam assesses candidates’ aptitude in various areas, including mathematics, language comprehension


Overall, meeting these eligibility criteria ensures that aspiring professionals in the travel and tourism industry in nepal possess a well-rounded skill set, including academic qualifications, language proficiency, and aptitude, necessary to excel in their chosen career paths. Begin Your Journey as an Air Hostess with Compass Aviation! Apply Now for Admission and Elevate Your Career in Aviation.

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