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A diverse group of aviation professionals discussing strategies in a classroom setting at Compass Aviation.

inflight program

In-flight training program at Compass Aviation - Students practicing safety procedures in a simulated environment


In this program, Compass Aviation’s  in-flight training program  thoroughly prepares aspiring air hostesses for their roles in the aviation sector. It combines theoretical learning and practical exercises to equip students with essential skills and knowledge needed for commercial flights.

Hands-On Experience:

In this segment of the program, students engage in hands-on activities that simulate real-world scenarios encountered during flights. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, they learn how to execute cabin crew duties, manage passenger interactions, and respond effectively to emergency situations. This practical experience enhances their confidence and proficiency in handling diverse in-flight responsibilities.

Cabin Crew Procedures:

The curriculum at Compass Aviation delves into the intricacies of cabin crew operations, covering everything from pre-flight preparations to post-flight procedures.

Students undergo training to conduct safety briefings, assist passengers with boarding and disembarkation, and maintain a welcoming environment throughout the journey.

Through simulated exercises, they familiarize themselves with the protocols for managing various in-flight situations, ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers at all times.

Safety Protocols and Emergency Response:

The program focuses on imparting knowledge of safety protocols and emergency response techniques, emphasizing their crucial importance. Students learn how to handle emergency equipment, administer first aid, and coordinate with the flight crew during critical incidents. 

Customer Service Excellence:

In addition to safety procedures, the program emphasizes the importance of delivering exceptional customer service. Students undergo training to anticipate passenger needs, address inquiries and concerns courteously, and enhance the overall travel experience.


The in-flight training program at Compass Aviation is crucial for aspiring air hostesses, offering practical skills and confidence. Students undergo hands-on experience and receive comprehensive instruction to prepare them for successful careers in aviation. Compass Aviation prioritizes skill development, ensuring graduates excel in the dynamic world of air travel.


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