Date Sheet and Directions Instructions for End-Term Examination to All Faculties Dec 2021 - Jan 2022
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Students adhering to cabin crew training institute rules.


We believe in instilling a strict sense of discipline within our students to help them get the most from our coaching programs. Following these rules and regulations not only prevents wastage of time for the institute, teachers, and students but also ensures a smoother learning experience. We kindly request students to take these rules positively and adhere to them strictly. Students enrolling with us must follow the set of rules and regulations for the entire course duration. RULES AND REGULATION
  1. Punctuality and Class Attendance is must and 90% class attendance is required.
  2. Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the class and must leave it in the reception desk and shall be provided only in Emergency.
  3. In case of leave of absence, one day prior notice needs to be provided.
  4. Pass Mark of 85% needed to be qualified for the certificate.
  5. We also provide Campus T-shirt, and ID to each and every individual and must follow. Students must wear their uniforms everyday (knee length skirt followed with white t-shirt and blazer) No casual dress is permitted only campus t-shirt with black pants are allowed. “NO ID -NO ENTRY ” Policy.
  6. Students must put make up every day as it’s a routine for cabin crew and also wear suitable clothes with 2 inches heels shoes (black) and look neat and smart in the campus area

The proprietor has the authority to terminate a student’s admission for acts of indiscipline or rule-breaking that could negatively impact other students or tarnish the institute’s reputation.

  1. Any act of quarrel or fight within the premises even in the vicinity of the Institute
  2. Any indecent gesture or words, written or said orally, or an act intended at insulting any student or staff of the Institute
  3. Spreading malicious rumors or instigating students or others against the credibility and credentials of the institute or its staff or its students
  4. Destruction or diminishing the value of any property of the Institute
  5. Distributing or selling the study material, class notes or cases supplied by the Institute
  6. Causing unwarranted disturbance to the teacher or fellow students in the classroom
  7. Making an audio or video recording of class lectures
  8. Making any kind of threat to a teacher or student
  9. Refusal to co-operate in the Daily Grooming procedure at the Institute
  11. Students must actively cooperate with their batchmates, other students, teachers, and institute staff. Bringing excessive or irrelevant materials to class may distract others.
  12.  The institute is not responsible for the non-completion of courses by irregular students. However, the Proprietor may allow a student to repeat the course under special circumstances with prior written permission.
  13. Regular lateness may result in prevention from attending classes.
  14. The Foundation Course duration is typically 6-9 months but may extend by a month or two due to special circumstances like teacher illness or national problems.
  15. Students must provide their existing contact number, along with permanent and present addresses, to the institute.
  16. Violation may lead to termination of admission and legal action.


Adherence to our institute’s rules and regulations is crucial for maintaining a conducive learning environment. Any violation, such as quarrels, misconduct, or unauthorized distribution of study materials, may result in termination of admission. We emphasize cooperation among students, teachers, and staff, as well as the importance of regular attendance. By upholding these standards, we ensure a positive and productive educational experience for all.

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