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Interview Question for Cabin Crew ( AirHostess )

Pilot and airhostess working together in cockpit - symbolizing collaboration and teamwork in aviation.

Interview Question for Cabin Crew ( AirHostess )

  • What do you feel about being away from home?

It is not so easy to go away from my family but I understand that is  necessary for my career growth. Also, it is good to have some time away from home and learn & experience new things. On the one hand, you get to travel exciting places whereas on the other hand, being away from your loved ones can be tough.


  • Why do you choose our airlines, not others?

Sir/mam, I know (………) air is a household name in the ……….. aviation sector. It has been trademark of trust and safety in last 25 years because of its excellent service. Daily it flies over 15 national and international destination. Here I can be able to Utilize my ability fully and learn more and more everyday. I am always looking for opportunity in Buddha Airlines and hope to work here.


  • What languages do you speak?

I can speak four different languages which are Nepali, English, Hindi and Gurung language( since I belong to (……….. community). I am also learning different languages from duo lingo app. Currently, I am learning basics in Spanish language.


  • Why do you think teamwork is important?

Teamwork is important because it allows us to accomplish more together than we could on our own. When we work in a team then we can combine our strengths, skills and ideas. By working together we can provide excellent service which eventually  increase productivity and helps to achieve goals .  Also working in team helps to overcome challenges more easily. 


  • If there is no more vegetarian meals, what would you do for a passenger who assists on veg meals?

If there is no vegetarian meal available, I would apologies to the passenger and try my best efforts to accommodate their dietary preferences. I would also check with crew members if there are any options on ingredients that can be used to create a sustainable meal for them. If there aren’t any, I will provide them with fruits.


  • What would you do if someone disagree with you?`

If someone disagree with me, firstly I will try to understand what the reason or problem is then I will try to find win- win solution of it. By doing this, if they still disagree with me, I will compromise the problem for the image of the airline and for myself.


  • What do you dislike most in your current job?

As a human being, I thrive for growth and self exploration in personal and career level. At my current job, I feel like I am not challenged enough for my growth.

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