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Interview Question for Cabin Crew ( AirHostess )

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Interview Question for Cabin Crew ( AirHostess )

  • What are your strengths?

My strength is being a good listener and providing helpful and supportive advice. I have the ability to empathize with others and also can understand their perspectives. I really enjoy connecting with people and helping them through their challenges.


  • What are your weaknesses?

My  weakness is related to being too sensitive as I overshare my feelings and emotions to people, also I have trouble saying no to others. In the past I had a low confidence that I couldn’t speak in front of a mass but now I have confidence in speaking to them.


  • Why is good grooming important for a cabin crew?

Good grooming refers to be presentable, well- prepared, dress-up in a good way, cleanliness, well manners, and confident. Cabin crew are the pace of the airlines and I believe that first impression is the last impression. So, air hostesses have to be always presentable, well groomed and well prepared anytime. Moreover, good grooming helps us to boost our confidence and helps us to present ourselves in a good my thinking, good grooming is very important for a cabin crew.


  • Tell us the aircraft that you want to work with?

Among the airlines, I want to work with ……………. air as ……………airlines has become the trademark of trust and safety in the last ……… years of its service. It was established on ……….. The founder of this airline company is …………………..  Buddha airlines fly over to ……. destinations making 36 flight routes that include national and international destinations. 

  • Tell us about your current/ previous job.

My previous job was full of experiences and knowledge which was at a café.  I was in the customer service department and had to deal with customers and their inquiries. I did one and half years there which was a very enjoyable period of my life. 

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