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Choosing the Best Ground handling Training Center in Nepal

ground operations training


Ground handling is a critical aspect of aviation operations, encompassing various services to ensure the safe and efficient turnaround of aircraft. In Nepal, aspiring professionals keen on pursuing a career in ground handling seek the best training centers to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge.  Choosing the Best Ground handling Training Center in Nepal

Compass Aviation Ground Handling Training Center:

Regarded as the best ground handling training center in Nepal, Compass Aviation offers comprehensive courses designed to prepare students for various roles in ground operations. With a focus on practical training and industry-relevant curriculum, students gain hands-on experience in baggage handling, aircraft marshaling, and ramp operations.

Requirements for Ground Handling

To work in ground handling, certain requirements must be met:

1. Age Limit: For domestic operations, individuals aged between 18 to 50 years are eligible. For international operations, the age limit extends from 21 to 50 years.

2. Qualification: A minimum qualification of completing high school education (equivalent to +2) is required. Even students appearing for their high school exams can apply for training programs.

3. Physical and Mental Fitness: Candidates should be in good physical and mental health to handle the demands of ground handling tasks efficiently.

Course Feature:

  1. Course based on City & Guilds curriculum
  2. 3 months duration
  3. Certified Instructors from City & Guilds
  4. Personality Development and Grooming classes
  5. Placement Assistance


In conclusion, selecting the right ground handling training center is vital for aspiring aviation ground operators. With Nepal’s top-rated centers, students can access quality education, practical training, and industry exposure, ensuring they’re well-prepared for fulfilling careers in ground handling. Whether it’s Compass Aviation,  aspiring professionals have access to the best resources and opportunities to excel in the dynamic field of ground handling.  

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