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How Much Does It Cost To Have An Aircraft On Ground in Nepal

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Navigating the aviation landscape in Nepal involves understanding the intricacies of aircraft grounding costs. These costs, which encompass landing charges, parking fees, and other related expenses, can significantly impact airlines operating in the region. In this article, we delve into the key factors that contribute to aircraft grounding costs in Nepal and explore strategies for airlines to manage these expenses effectively.

Landing Charges:

Nepali airports calculate landing charges based on the weight of the aircraft, whether it’s a domestic or international flight. Domestic flights incur charges per 1000 kilograms of the aircraft’s weight. Conversely, international flight landing charges follow a similar weight-based model but are generally higher due to additional services and facilities provided.

Parking Charges:

Aircraft parking charges differ for domestic and international flights in Nepal. Domestic flights may incur parking fees after a specified grace period, usually exceeding three hours. Charges are calculated based on the aircraft’s weight and the duration of parking. Similarly, international flights face parking charges after a certain period, with rates determined by both weight and parking duration.

Navigation Charges:

International flights operating through Nepali airspace or landing at Nepali airports are subject to navigation charges. These charges are usually calculated as a flat fee based on the weight category of the aircraft. While seemingly straightforward, these charges significantly impact the overall cost of flight operations in Nepal.

Security Service Charge:

Airport authorities impose a security service charge on both domestic and international flights to cover security-related services. This charge ensures the maintenance of safety and security standards at airports and is a crucial component of operational expenses for airlines.

Charter Charges:

Apart from standard landing and parking charges, aircraft chartering for specific purposes or flights may incur additional charter charges. These charges vary based on the terms of the charter agreement and may include fees for exclusive aircraft use, additional services, or specialized arrangements.

Other Charges:

Various other charges may apply depending on specific services availed by aircraft operators. These charges can include ground handling fees, terminal charges, passenger service charges, and any additional services requested. While individually minor, these charges collectively contribute to the overall cost of flight operations in Nepal.

Impact on Aviation Operations:

Understanding and managing these costs are crucial for aviation operators as they directly impact the financial viability of operating flights to or within Nepal. High operational costs, including landing, parking, and navigation charges, pose challenges for airlines, particularly in a competitive market. Moreover, additional charges, such as security service and charter fees, further add to the financial burden, making it essential for operators to carefully evaluate the cost-benefit of operating in Nepal’s airspace.


In conclusion, aircraft grounding costs in Nepal are influenced by a variety of factors, including landing charges, parking fees, and other operational expenses. To mitigate these costs, airlines can explore strategies such as optimizing flight schedules, negotiating service contracts, and investing in fuel-efficient aircraft. By understanding and addressing the factors that contribute to aircraft grounding costs, airlines can improve their operational efficiency and profitability in Nepal’s aviation market.

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